Jun 01, 2016

Kyuquot Sound Sablefish

by Louis Rozzo

We are proud to offer Kyuquot Sound Sablefish to our valued customers.

Kyuquot Sound Sablefish is raised in the open waters of Kyuquot sound using farming techniques that have been developed to bring a fresh premium product to customers that is traced from egg to plate.

After 15 years in development the rearing techniques produce a healthy parasite free sablefish that is perfect for sashimi, the grill or simply steamed.

Sabelfish Sashimi

Using only high quality feed formulations ensure the optimization of growth and health throughout life of the fish. Every fish sold is harvested and processed in Canadian federally inspected facilities to ensure the highest export quality cultured sablefish available in today’s market.

The Sablefish is fed a nutritionally complete diet specifically formulated for fine flesh quality with high omega 3 oil content.


This fish is vaccinated at the fry stage which eliminate the use of antibiotics during the later stages of grow out. The Fish Health Management plan is Federally approved and does not include the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants. Any exceptions have to be overseen by a licensed Veterinarian on a individual case basis.

I advise anyone who can acquire these delicious beauties to give them a try!!!

Sablefish Miso Glazed

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